Rent to Own Program – RTO

RTO Program

You were invidted to our website to get pre-approved for our Rent to Own Program. PhoneOps RTO program is designed for individuals that doesn’t qualify for commercial financing for whatever reason.


If you ever wanted an Income-Producing Property to become a Landlord, well you are in luck. PhoneOps RTO Program is for the following property types:

Apartment Buildings

5 to 200+ Units

Hotels / Motels

Strip Malls


RV & Mobile Home Parks

Office Buildings

If the property you are intereted in is one of the property types above, then our program is great for you.







Most Rent to Own programs is mainly a rental lease with an option to purchase 3 to 5 years later. NOT PHONEOPS! We have a true RTO PROGRAM which is similar to Owner Financing but PhoneOps owns the property until your term is up.


This program is not complicated at all. There are only a few simple steps:

Complete the online application below to start the 3-Step Process for approval. 

Once you are approved, PhoneOps will submit an offer on the property you selected

Once under contract, you’ll pay the EMD to the Title Company to take the property off the market.

You’ll sign all disclosures including the RTO contract then pay for the BPO, PhoneOps Processing Team preps for settlement.

Settlement takes place, you’ll pay your move-in cost which would be your closing cost then meet with the Listing Agent to get the keys.

When your term ends, final settlement takes place, You’ll pay title fees to convey deed from PhoneOps to you.

Monthly Rental payments:

Your monthly payments will be calculated similar to as if it was a mortgage payment. PhoneOps servicing fee ranges from $25k to $50k, this is rolled into the RTO amount with a fixed interest rate based on your credit along with the annual taxes and annual property insurance.


The monthly expenses is not calculated in your monthly payment; however, it is needed to based what term is best for you. If you selected a 10yr term and the calculations put you in a negative, we’ll determine if a 15yr term or higher would put you in a better position and inform you what is needed to get you in a positive cash flow moving forward.

Move-In Costs:

Your move-in cost normally would be 1st months rent, last months rent and 1 month security deposit and if your credit is bad, it could be 2 to 3 months security deposit. With PhoneOps RTO Program, your move-in cost will be based on your Closing Cost.

Property Management Services:

Even though you will be 100% responsible for the property through the RTO Program, PhoneOps still requires a Property Management Company (PMC) to collect rents, provide a monthly & quarterly reports and to ensure that PhoneOps gets paid every month. The property management fee will be at your expense.


If rents collected from the income-producing property doesn’t cover your monthly payments to PhoneOps, you are still required to make your payments in full every month or the RTO contract will be breached.


It is very important to find a property that has a possitive cash flow OR raise rents to market value within 30 days to allow enough cash flow to cover your monthly payments and to make a profit.


This program has standard guidelines, view below:

Sales Price:

$50k to $5M


10yrs to 30yrs

Minimum FICO:



10% to 12% based on credit


Up to 3%


As soon as 5 days

Minimum Requirements:

A Social Security number

* Application Fee $295 WAIVED

* Must have a Checking Account

* A valid Driver’s License or State ID

* Must be able to show proof of income

* A Tri-Merge Credit Report fee of $57

* Must pay EMD & BPO within 24hrs of signed contract

RTO Online Application

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