Credit Analyzer




Are you trying to get a loan to purchase a home? Did PhoneOps already pulled your credit? Regardless if we pulled your credit or not, PhoneOps Credit Analyzer is the solution for you. Currently, your credit score will make it difficult for you to receive the best programs we have available. Be prepared to pay higher fees, higher interest rates and/or higher down payments if you don't take advance of PhoneOps Credit Analyzer.

PhoneOps Credit Analyzer is a service that tells you what items on your credit report to pay off and once you pay it off, it will tell you where your score would be. Once PhoneOps pulls your credit, the 1st page would look something like this:


Your Current Scores would be in the Current column and your Potential Scores would be in the potential column. The Credit Analyzer will focus on the 2 highest scores from your current scores then we will inform you on what to pay off to get your current scores boosted up to the potential scores.

PhoneOps will walk you through the entire process to get your scores up where it needs to be in order for you to move forward in purchasing a home.

Minimum Requirements:

* Credit Analyzer Fee of $35

* Tri-Merge Credit Report fee of $57 (waived if PhoneOps already pulled your credit)

* Driver's License or State ID

* Social Security card


Credit Analyzer Application