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Here you will find general questions Realtors like yourself ask along with the answers. Read through to find the answers to most if not all of your questions.


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Q: How will I get 2 checks at closing?

A: After completing the online application to get hired with PhoneOps, You’ll work with your assigned CLO to get more buyers. You’ll help each buyer with the 3-Step Process and at closing, you’ll get your standard Real Estate commission check from your Real Estate Broker and you’ll get a PhoneOps commission check; 2 checks instead of 1.


Q: What all I have to do to be added to Payroll?

A: 1-complete the online application and 2-complete the W9 form and email it to us.


Q: Who will be my assigned CLO?

A: The person that called or emailed you will most likely be the person that is assigned to you. If you found our website on your own, the next available CLO will be assigned to you.

Q: How much do I get paid?

A: Commissions are set at 0.25% of the 1st lien loan amount just for: 1-sending every buyer to our website to apply for financing and 2-for helping each buyer with the 3-Step Process.


Q: Will I be on the 1003?

A: No, you would just be helping with the 3-Step Process. Only the licensed Mortgage Broker is listed on the 1003


Q: Will I be listed on the HUD-1 or ALTA?

A: No, only the company PhoneOps Funding LLC will be listed on the HUD-1 or ALTA.

Q: Why can’t I just put Financing Available on my listings and send the buyer to PhoneOps?

A: You can if you choose to but there wouldn’t be a 2nd check for you as you didn’t complete the online application to get hired thus you wouldn’t be on Payroll.


Q: How will I know what program to send each buyer to?

A: You and your assigned CLO will go over which program is best for each of your listings?


Q: What is involved in the 3-Step Process?

A: Step 1, buyer complete the online application for loan approval. Step 2, buyer pay the credit report fee in order for us to pull credit. Step 3, buyer submits the required documents that is on the checklist.

Q: I want to put 100% financing on my listings to get a lot of Buyers, can I do this?

A: Only if your Seller agrees to do a 40% Seller 2nd. Talk with your Seller to explain the benefits of doing a Seller 2nd. If he or she agrees, you’ll be able to put “100% Financing Available, call for details” on your listings.


O: My Seller can’t do a 40% Seller 2nd, are there any other options?

A: Yes, ask your Seller if a 15% Seller 2nd is doable. If so, you can put on your listings “10% Down, Call for Details” on your listings.


Q: My Seller agrees to do a 40% Seller 2nd so now I got several buyers that want 100% Financing, do I send them all to PhoneOps site to apply?

A: Yes, send all buyers to our site to apply for the program. If the buyer doesn’t get your property and get a different property, you are still paid at closing as long as you help the buyer with the 3-Step Process.

Q: How much is the credit report fee?

A: The credit report fee is only $57.


O: Are there any other upfront fees PhoneOps Charges?

A: No, PhoneOps doesn’t charge any other upfront fee other than the credit report fee. However, there will be a fee for the Appraisal Report and that is paid directly to the Appraiser when the report is ordered. All other fees are paid at closing and will be apart of the buyer’s closing cost.


Q: Where can the buyer download the Checklist?

A: There are two ways. 1-click on the Products page, scroll down to the program and under the photo, click Checklist to download the Checklist. 2-above the main photo of the website, click Checklist, scroll to the program and click the photo of that program to download the checklist.

O: When is payday?

A: Pay week starts every Saturday and ends every Friday. Payroll is every Friday.


O: Do I get paid by check or can I setup ACH?

A: Compensation is setup through Standard ACH($5 Merchant fee) that can take 2 to 5 business days to receive your commissions. You have the option to do Fast ACH for a $45 fee (this includes merchant fees) and you’ll receive your commissions same day or a check by mail ($2 processing fee).


O: Where do I get the ACH Form?

A: After competing the online application, you’ll be re-directed to the Congratuations Page. There you can download the form along with the W9 Form. You can also request the form from our Processing Dept.

Q: After we get a buyer for my listing, could I continue to work with PhoneOps?

A: Yes, you can continue to work with us as long as you like


Q: I have a buyer for the Landlord Program but he doesn’t have all his down payment funds. What should I do?

A: Inform the buyer to complete the Landlord Program application then complete the Down Payment Funding application. This program is funding for their down payment


Q: The property needs rehab work and the Seller agrees to do a Seller 2nd, which program do I send the Buyer to?

A: Since the property needs work, send the buyer to the Fix & Flip program and inform the buyer to include on the application that the Seller will do a Seller 2nd.

Q: Why should my Seller do a 15% Seller 2nd and for how long?

A: While your Seller agrees to do a 15% Seller 2nd and PhoneOps provide 75% for the 1st, the buyer only have to put 10% down. Your Seller would be helping the buyer to put less money down which means their property can get sold a lot quicker. It would be easier to find a buyer to put 10% down verses finding a buyer to put 25% down. At closing, your Seller would get 85% of the sales price and collect monthly payments on the 15% for 12 months or 2yrs max. It’s a WIN-WIN for the Seller and the Buyer.


Q: When my buyer gets approved, do I also help with the conditional approval?

A: Your assigned CLO will work with all your buyers getting all the conditions cleared in order to get the CTC (Clear to Close). If you want to assist your assigned CLO to help speed things up, you have that option to do so.


Q: I have a family member that needs a Refi/Cash Out. If I send her to the site to apply and I help her with the 3-Step Process, can I get paid on the file?

A: Yes, all buyers and borrowers nationwide that you send to our site for approval and you help with the 3-Step Process, you are paid the same amount (0.25%) at closing.


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