Real Estate Agents


As PhoneOps continues to grow, we are always looking to bring on board Real Estate Agents. If you are a fairly new Realtor or been a Realtor for many years, it doesn’t matter as you can now offer Financing on all your Listings & Advertisements to get a 2nd check at closing.

PhoneOps has the best programs out there. Our HOTTEST Programs are the following:

100% CLTV

Fix & Flip


Down Payment Funding

Foreclosure Bailout



Have Questions?


Click the Q & A to your right to get most if not all of your questions answered and if you still have questions, complete the online form to submit your questions.


By working with PhoneOps, you will:


* Enhance your monthly sales goals
* Get more properties sold
* Attract more Buyers
* A great opportunity to make $750,000+ annually with PhoneOps



NOTE:  This is a real Career Opportunity; you are able to send buyers to PhoneOps from all 50 states and get compensated when they close. No licensing is required, never a conflict of interest and you stay with your Real Estate Broker. You are paid as an Independent Contractor and you’ll receive a 1099 at the end of each year of employment.


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