Mortgage Account Executives

Mortgage Account Executives (MAE)

As a result of our continuing growth and success, PhoneOps is seeking dynamic Mortgage Account Executives that want to make a Six Figure Income. Here’s a great opportunity to work with an amazing company that cares about your success.


PhoneOps is a direct Private Lender so if you are looking for a fun & exciting career that offers residual income and you are serious in working hard to meet minimum weekly goals, then you’ll be the perfect fit for this position.



We are Hiring Mortgage Account Executives Nationwide!!!




Your main duties would be:


* Contact Mortgage Brokers everyday

* Discuss the Wholesale programs we have available

* Go over our Wholesale Guidelines with each Broker

* Encourage Brokers to become an Approved Broker with PhoneOps by completing the online application and Broker Package for approval

* Add all Brokers to your pipeline once Approved

* Keep in contact with each Broker you bring on board on a weekly basis


You’ll have direct access to the Portal to add all Approved Brokers to your pipeline. This way, you’ll know they will be added and placed under you. A full Step-by-Step Training Site will be provided. You will be assigned to a Regional Manager to help and assist you along the way.


Read the following requirements for this position:


1: Must have a desktop computer or Laptop with a mouse


2: Must have reliable Internet Connections along with a gmail account


3: Must have a dedicated phone line to make outbound calls


4: Must be able to pick up the phone and speak to Mortgage Brokers, guide them to the website to complete the online application while remaining on the phone with them


5: Must have motivation and dedication as you have to put in the work to get positive results


6: Must be able to bring on board the minimum of 3 Approved Brokers per week if you are part-time and 5 Approved Brokers if you are full-time


7: Must have at least 1 year experience in customer service and 1 year experience in working as a Mortgage Account Executive


8: Must be able to reach and maintain a minimum of 100 Approved Brokers in your pipeline. This is a very lucrative opportunity to please take it seriously!


9. Must add all Approved Brokers and their Loan Officers (if any) to your pipeline through the Portal in order for each Broker to receive their login credentials.


The PayScale is based on per loan closed. We want you to be serious in working and meeting your minimum weekly goals. Pay is every Friday by check or ACH.


* Compensation: You are paid $1,077 on each closed loan in your pipeline

* Residual Income: You will continue to get paid on each loan that closes in your pipeline



The average Broker closes 4 to 6 loans per month. In this Scenario, you bring on board 25 Approved Brokers and they close 1 loan each in the 1st month. This is below average but let’s do the calculations:


Bringing on 25 Approved Brokers using this scenario, you are paid $26,925.00 the 1st month. Even though this scenario is below average, you are still making great money. Getting 25 Approved Brokers takes time, motivation and dedication so please don’t think this is a get rich quick opportunity because it’s not. What you put in this career is what you’ll get out of it so the more you work, the more Approved Brokers you will have in your pipeline. The more you keep in contact with each Broker encouraging them to submit thier deals, the more they will submit their files for approval & closing.


This scenario started with 25 Brokers in your pipeline, now imagine you have 50 or even 100 Brokers and they all close 1 loan per month. Closing 1 loan per month is the minimum requirement for Brokers anyway and your minimum goal is to have 100 Active Brokers in your pipeline so do the math. Pace yourself and do what you need to do to reach this goal and watch your monthly income increase dramatically.


Having a career that offers residual income is a major opportunity so please take this position seriously. As mentioned above, when you bring on board an Approved Broker, you will get paid $1,077 for every loan that closes from that Broker because that Broker is in your pipeline. Most Lenders only pay their MAEs for the 1st loan that closes, not PhoneOps!


On the Spot Hiring for this amazing opportunity. 1ST SET OF INSTRUCTIONS:


1. Complete the application below

2. After completion, you’ll be re-directed to the Congratulations Page. Download the MAE Agreement and W9 form for completion then email it to us

3. Once we receive your paperwork, we’ll add you to Payroll and send you the Welcome Email

4. You can then start work and contact your Regional Manager to introduce yourself

5. No Interview Needed, SERIOUS ONLY!

Mortgage Account Executive Online Application