Attention Real Estate Agents!

If you are a Listing Agent and you have commercial listings that are Income Producing Properties, you are at the right place. Creative Financing is the way to go in this market so partner with PhoneOps to make $750,000+ this year and many years to come. 


Income producing properties such as:

Apartment Buildings

Mix Use Properties

Multi-Family Packages

Mobile Home Parks

Strip Malls

And more…

100% CLTV Program

PhoneOps 100% CLTV Program is designed to bring Sellers & Buyers together to get more income producing properties sold. CLTV means Combined Loan to Value. Using this program, the Lender will do a 1st lien up to an LTV percentage, the Buyer would put 5% to 10% down depending on their credit and the Seller will do a 2nd lien for the remaining LTV percentage to total 100% CLTV.  


Example: Buyer was approved to purchase a 15-Unit apartment building in IL for $900,000. Based on the Buyer’s approval, he was required to put 10% down so the CLTV Split would be: 

75% Lender



15% Seller



10% Buyer



At Settlement, the Seller would get 85% of the sales price (75% 1st lien & 10% down payment from buyer) minus closing cost. Seller will collect interest only payments for 12 months. When the buyer comes back to PhoneOps to refinance before the term ends, the 2nd lien (Seller 2nd) will be paid in full. This is a No Brainer!

Your Seller is the Missing Piece to our Program’s Puzzle!

Talk to your Seller, explain the benefits of him/her doing a Seller 2nd and if your Seller agrees, we can match a buyer to your listing and get your Seller’s property sold.


Once your Seller agrees to do a Seller 2nd, there are benefits for you as well. Submitted offers that come from PhoneOps Assigned Realtors will be the full asking price so no more low balling and this means no decrease in commissions.


You’ll also be able to put “Financing Available, Call for Details” on all your listings. This will attract more buyers much quicker and create Dual Agency for you. This means more commissions and we all love more commissions. 


Can you imagine how fast you can sell your Seller’s property using this program? Most people will say this is unheard of but in all honesty, this program was very much well known before the 2008 Market Crash.


Those that put 25% & more down back in the day will jump on this opportunity because this means more properties in their portfolio. Offering this program helped many Real Estate Investors buy more properties and Sellers get their properties sold.

Your Seller is ready to do a Seller 2nd?


Complete the form below and let’s work together to bring you a Buyer!

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