Fix & Flip Loan Program

Fix & Flip Program


You were invited to our website to get Pre-Approved for our Fix & Flip Program. PhoneOps Fix & Flip Program is designed for the following types of properties:

Single Family

2 to 4 Units

(5-500+ Units)

AirBNB Units


Mix Use

Apartment Buildings

Hotel / Motel

And More…

If you are interested in rehabbing any of the property types above, then our program is great for you. 





This program has standard guidelines based on the following LTV.


90% LTV on Purchase Price – (This means you will put 10% down of the Sale’s Price plus closing cost)

Loan Amounts from
$50K to $25M

Loan Terms:
3mo to 2yr

4% to 12%

100% LTV
Rehab Cost

No Prepayment Penalty

Up to 80% LTV
on Refinance


Up to 75%


4mo to 6mo

Close in:

Personal or LLC Name

New Investors
Are Welcome

No Credit Minimum

Close as soon
as 3 days

100% LTV on Purchase Price – (This means you don’t put anything down, just pay your closing cost)

Loan Amounts from 

$250k to $3M

Loan Terms:

4mo to 12mo


9.25% to 11%

70% ARV

at 700+ FICO

65% ARV

at 660 to 699 FICO

60% ARV

at 620-659 FICO

100% LTV
Rehab Cost



Close in:

 LLC or Corp Name

New Investors

Are Welcome

Apartment Buildings

Up to 20 Units

Close as soon

as 10 days

Questions & Answers:


Q: I want to apply for the Fix & Flip loan but after the work is done, I want to keep the property and rent it out. Should I still apply for the Fix & Flip program or the Landlord Program?

A: Yes, apply for the Fix & Flip program because you need funds for rehabbing. When the work is done, then apply for the Landlord Program to do a Refinance/Rate & Term.


Q: I want to be a Landlord. I never flipped & held a property before but I need financial freedom. My scores are over 620, do I qualify for 100% financing?

A: Yes, once we pull your Tri-Merge Credit Report, it will determine what ARV bracket you fall under.


Q: I currently have rental properties and I do all the work to them. Can I rehab my own Fix & Flip properties?

A: Only if you can show at least 3 rehabbed projects under your belt within the last 3 years.


Q: How does the ARV really works?

A: Once we receive your Renovations Proposal and you pay for the ARV Appraisal Report, that proposal is given to the Appraiser and once the report comes in, we’ll go off the ARV that’s on the Appraisal Report. Example: If the after repair value comes back at $900,000 and you are in the 65% bracket, your loan amount would be $585,000 and this includes the sale’s price of the property and the rehab cost.


Q: I want to apply for 100% financing but my score is below 620. Can I still qualify?

A: Possibly, you’ll have to get a Co-Borrower that has a score over 620.


Q: Do I pay the 4mo-6mo reserves at closing and what is it for?

A: No, you don’t pay this at closing; you have to show that you have the funds plus your closing cost. This would be your monthly payments; showing that you have the funds would be a great indication that you will make your monthly payments on time while rehabbing the property.


Q: I have two properties I want to get. Can I get both at the same time or do I have to wait until one is completed?

A: For 1st time borrowers, you can Fix & Flip 2 projects at a time. For repeat borrowers, you can Fix & Flip 10+ projects at a time


Q: How much would my Closing Cost be?
A: It can range anywhere from $12,000 to $200,000+. It depends on the Loan Amount if you are paying a down payment. The Title Company would provide the accurate numbers.

Minimum Requirements:

* Must be able to show proof of down payment

* A Tri-Merge Credit Report fee of $45

A valid Driver’s License or State ID

* Must have a Checking Account

* Application Fee $295 WAIVED

* A Social Security number

Fix & Flip Program Online Application

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