100% CLTV Program

100% CLTV Program

This is a very special program that is not offered with many other Mortgage Companies. Please read the details of this program to get a better understanding and to see if this program is a good fit for you. Note: This program is subject to change at any given time; feel free to check this site periodically to updates.

100% CLTV Program:

CLTV means Combined Loan to Value. Using this program, the Lender will do a 1st lien up to an LTV percentage, the Seller will do a 2nd lien up to an LTV percentage and if anything is left, the Borrower would pay the rest as a down payment. If nothing is left, the Borrower would get 100% financing plus closing cost.


There are many different CLTV Splits: 

80% Lender

10% Seller

10% down for Borrower

= 100% CLTV


75% Lender

15% Seller

10% down for Borrower

= 100% CLTV


70% Lender

20% Seller

10% down for Borrower

= 100% CLTV

65% Lender

25% Seller

10% down for Borrower

= 100% CLTV

55% Lender

40% Seller

5% down for Borrower

= 100% CLTV

50% Lender

50% Seller

0% down for Borrower

= 100% CLTV


The CLTV Splits are based on your credit, property location and sales price so getting pre-approved for PhoneOps 100% CLTV program is needed in order to know what you qualify for.




Putting 10% Down:

The standard down payment for commercial properties ranges from 25% to 35% depending on credit, the property and if it’s already income producing. No matter what anyone say, putting 10% down is extremely better than putting 25%-35% down so this is still a great opportunity.

Keep in mind, putting 10% down provides a higher LTV on the Lender side and a lower LTV on the Seller side. Some Sellers have mortgages and doing a higher Seller 2nd wouldn’t clear their mortgage so they will deny doing the 2nd. 95% of Sellers would do a 2nd if the 2nd is only 10%-15% for 12 months.


Putting 5% Down:

This CLTV Split is available in limited states and it requires 6 months reserves. If you do not have 6 months reserves for both 1st & 2nd liens, this CLTV Split wouldn’t be for you. 


What market are we in?

This is an easy question. Most potential homeowners are forced to rent because nowadays, the interest rates are much higher than normal, it’s messing up their DTI making them to not qualify for a home mortgage so is it a Buyer’s Market? NO!


Sellers are listing their properties but if no Buyers are available to purchase them, does this make it a Seller’s Market? NO!


At this point, it is a Landlord’s Market so this means all New & Potential Real Estate Investors; it’s time to purchase Apartment Buildings and mix-use properties as more renters are in need of rental housing.



Properties Allowed:


Commercial Properties

Mix-Used Properties

Landlord Rental Properties

Apartment Buildings

Multi-Family Package Deals

Any other types of income-producing properties

Properties Not Allowed:

Raw Land

Owner Occupied Properties

Properties that need extreme repair


* MIN FICO: 350 & up

* Loan amount: $100K to $100M

* Rate: 9.5% to 17% – Depends on credit

Term: 1yr – Interest Only 

* An Appraisal will be needed 

* Close within 5 days 

Minimum Requirements:

* A Social Security card

* Application Fee $295 WAIVED

* Must have a Checking Account

* A valid Driver’s License or State ID

* A Tri-Merge Credit Report fee of $57

* Must be able to show proof of closing cost


Regardless if you have great credit or terrible credit, PhoneOps 100% CLTV Program would be the best program for you.


100% CLTV Loan Application

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