SBA Loan Program






You were invited to our website to get Pre-Approved for our SBA Program. PhoneOps SBA Program is designed for:


Gas Stations

Industrial / Warehouse




Bowling Alleys


Adult Living Facilities



Night Clubs / Bars

Office / Retail

And More...


If you fall into one of the above, then our program is great for you. PhoneOps SBA Program is a nationwide program and is perfect for those unbankable borrowers who want bankable terms. No experience? About to start a new business and want a loan? You've came to the right place.




Guidelines: This program has standard guidelines. View below:


Loan Amounts from $250K to $5M

Loan Terms: 10yr to 25yr

Rates: 5% to 10%



Up to 90% LTV

680+ FICO

Real Estate backed loans only



25yr fixed is only available for loan sizes over $500K

All Industries will be considered

Close as soon as 3 weeks



Minimum Requirements:

* Must be able to show proof of income

* Application Fee $295 WAIVED

* A Tri-Merge Credit Report fee of $57

* A valid Driver's License or State ID

* Must have a Checking Account

* A Social Security number




SBA Loan Online Application