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We are looking for only "4 Regional Managers" to help expand & maintain PhoneOps Family. This would be a full-time opportunity with regular PhoneOps hours every Mondays through Saturdays from 10am to 5pm est. so we welcome you to this exciting career.


As a Regional Manager, your duties would be to strictly hire Supervisors and Branch Managers on a weekly basis along with keeping in contact with them daily, conducting weekly conference meetings, train, motivate and help build their teams. Other duties would be to do "Site Visits" to your Supervisors & Branch Managers periodically, check to make sure everyone is in compliance and report to the Broker directly everyday.



Read the following requirements for this position:

Must be able to hire a minimum of 5 Supervisors & 1 Branch Manager per month

* Must conduct Conference Meetings every Friday or Saturday

* Must be able to contact all Supervisors & Branch Managers everyday

* Must have PhoneOps phone system with extension setup through PhoneOps

* Must be able to perform interviews with potential hires & make important executive decisions

* Must be able to complete a "Daily Report" and upload to the site everyday, Mondays through Saturdays

* Must be able to make sure your Supervisors & Branch Managers are contacting their Team Members daily

* Must have a Desktop & laptop (both is required) with continuous internet (no WI-FI), MS Word, MS Excel & MS Publisher

* Must have at least 3yrs experience in Social Media, Networking, Advertising, Marketing, Management and/or Recruiting

* Must be able to train, motivate, problem solve, help, support, build and manage each Supervisor, Branch Manager and their Loan Officers


Licensing & Fees:

You are required to maintain and renew your MLO license annually starting November 1st of every year.

As a "Regional Manager", you are paid 2.55 Points on all loans that gets funded through your team minus your Supervisor or Branch Manager's Compensation.


Your Direct Clients

Label 1
2.55 Points


Label 1
0.30 Points

Branch Managers

Label 1
0.05 Points

You are also compensated off of their Loan Officer's compensation so this is phenomenal compensation for the right Regional Manager.


We are only looking for serious individuals that want to start a very lucrative career while helping those that never thought they can be a home owner. Only apply if you are serious and dedicated to work full-time.


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