ATTENTION REALTORS!!! You can now make 2 Checks Per Transaction instead of 1. Want to know how? By becoming an In-House Processor with PhoneOps Funding, LLC. You'll get to work the mortgage side processing all your Clients & pushing them to closing.

PhoneOps Funding, LLC. offers the following benefits:

Be on the Front End
& Process Your Own Clients

Able to get your Clients
Pre-Approved Quickly

No more Waiting &
Wondering of the Status


Work both Real Estate
Side & Mortgage Side

Stay with your
Current Broker

Step by Step
Training is provided



You can now put Financing Available on all your listings and include this with all your Open Houses. You will attract More Buyers and you can get them pre-approved same day instead of waiting for someone else to get your clients pre-approved.


You can now get all your Clients Pre-Approved yourself prior to driving around showing properties and wasting your gas & time. You'll be on the Front End knowing that your Clients are pre-approved and can qualify for the properties you show them. If you really look at it, you already work with the Loan Officers & Processors to push your Clients to Closing so now, remove the middle man and do it yourself.


Take a tour on PhoneOps Products Page to see all the programs we offer. PhoneOps does EVERYTHING. Purchase, Refinance, USDA, VA, $100 Down Program, 100% Financing, 203k, Fix & Flip, Construction, Commercial, Rehab, Hard Money, Bridge, Church, Gas Stations, Business, International, Bank Statement Program, Non Prime, Non Recourse, Foreclosure Bailout, Reverse Mortgages, Manufactured Homes Singlewide & Up down to 1976, Personal Loans, Auto Loans and More... You name it, PhoneOps does it. The sky is the limit and we stand by our Slogan!


The primary function of the In-House Processor is to ensure the timely and accurate packaging of all documents that's on the Client Check List and Conditions List.


As a Realtor/In-House Processor you are paid up to $1,500 per closed loan and this is based off your monthly production. This is very, very high compensation for a RIHP!


By no way shape or form would this be a conflict of interest for you to work the Real Estate side and also work as an In-House Processor. Is this any form of a Kickback? Absolutely NOT! A Kickback is paid under the table, you working as an In-House Processor means that you are really working for PhoneOps Funding, LLC, you are 1099'd at the end of the year and there's no laws stating that you can't work as an In-House Processor for one company while working as a Real Estate Agent for another company. No laws are being broken, no Kickbacks and no conflicts. All you are doing is making sure your client gets the best service because you are personally working the file for your client.


Complete the Online Application below to be an In-House Processor with PhoneOps Funding, LLC. No interviews needed! On The Spot Hire since you are already an active Licensed Realtor. You can start sending your Clients to complete a loan application after completing the application below.

Minimum Requirements:

* Must be serious & ready to start

* Copy of valid Driver's License or State ID

* Copy of Social Security Card

* W9 Form


The Realtor/In-House Processor Online Application



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