Loan Officer Training Site


We Want To Welcome You Again To The PhoneOps Family



Here’s Step-by-Step instructions to get started. Take a few days and go through all your training materials. Go over all the programs to get a better feeling of everything then once you are talking to Realtors and bring them on board, the pieces will start to come together.



Click the button below to gain access of the documents that’s needed in this Training Site. Remember, if you have any questions, contact our Processing Department to assist you.


You have the option to work in multiple states. However, for each state you work in, you must have a local number for that state or get a Toll Free number. Select the best option for you:


Option 1: Download Text Free With Voice on your cell phone and use this number on all your marketing materials. This app is free to receive unlimited inbound calls. Must have Wi-Fi in the area to get a good quality call.


Option 2: Go to Magic Jack and pay for a local number. It cost about $50 a year for service. This is a more professional way to go and is the cheapest out there.


Option 3: Go to Google Voice and setup a free account. You can link your cell phone or any other phone but remember to set the voicemail up to reflect PhoneOps. We have to keep this professional.


Option 4:  Go to Number Barn to get a Toll Free number. This one number can be transferred to any number like your cell phone for as low as $10 a month. 


This completes your Step-by-Step Instructions. This is a very LUCRATIVE OPPORTUNITY for the serious person. Everyone knows that Real Estate will always be the Number 1 Business so follow our above instructions to be very successful.