You were invited to our website to get Pre-Approved for our "JUMBO Loan Program". PhoneOps "JUMBO Loan Program" is designed for individuals with:

Self Employed

W2 Employee

Using Bank Statements
Instead of W2's & 1099's




Looking for a
Huge Dream Home

Have funds for
Down Payment

1st, 2nd & 3rd time
Home Buyers




Poor Credit

OK Credit

Great Credit



If you fall into at least one of the above, then our program is great for you. PhoneOps "JUMBO Loan Program" is a wonderful program that is suitable for anyone that applies.


Guidelines: This program has standard guidelines. View below:


Loan Amounts:
$451K to $3M

Loan Terms:
10yr to 30yr

Rates as low as 4.5%


Up To 95% LTV
with MI

Up To 90% LTV
with no MI

Arm & "Interest Only"
Options Available


No Prepayment Penalty

As low as 500 FICO
(lower LTV's)

Close As Soon as 14 Days
After Appraisal

See, with PhoneOps, you can now get a JUMBO LOAN down to a 500 FICO SCORE! This is unheard of. Normally, you must have a 680 FICO or higher but with us, We Get The Loan Closed!



Minimum Requirements:

* Must be able to show proof of income

* Application Fee $295 WAIVED

* A Tri-Merge Credit Report fee of $45

* A valid Driver's License or State ID

* Must have a Checking Account

* A Social Security number






"JUMBO Loan" Online Application

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