INA Confirmation






Congratulations for taking the 1st step to a very Lucrative Opportunity. You are now hired as an Insurance Assistant and to get you fully onboard and added to Payroll, complete the W9 Form below along with completing the remaining paperwork that is located in the Training Site


Remember to follow the Training Site everyday that you are scheduled to work. If you get stuck for any reason, go back to the previous step, take your time and work each step at a time. Do not move forward until you get the previous step completed. 



Training Site:


To gain access to the Training Site, click the e-Learning photo to your right. Once you are at the site, copy & paste the password below to gain access.


Password: INA7579s457


It will be best to copy and paste the password into the box instead of typing it in.


We wish you the best and good luck!!!



W9 Form


As an INA, you are required to complete a W9 Form for tax purposes. Download the W9 Form by clicking on the W9 Photo to your left in order to complete the form.


You’ll need to complete the form with your personal information only, (No Business Information).


The W9 Form doesn’t have to be signed so if you cannot eSign it without printing, simply complete the rest of the form and email completed form to:


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