Full Time Supervisors



We are looking for Full-Time Supervisors that enjoys working hard building up their own Clientele along with building & Supervising a team of his or her own.




Your main duty would be to build your clientele (on all social media sites & off line) by finding potential clients that want to buy a home and educating potential Renters to purchase a home instead of renting. Getting acquainted with Realtors & keeping in touch with them updating them on all our available programs is a plus.

In addition to these duties, you'll have the power to hire whom you see fit to be apart of your Team. Your main goal as a Full-Time Supervisor would be to make sure all Team Members complete their Four-Step Process for each of their Clients and when each Client gets their Approval with Conditions, it will then be your job to Work The File for each Client in order to reach Settlement. The compensation for the right Full-Time Supervisor will be tremendous. Full detailed instructions will be provided on our Training Site.



Read the following requirements for this position:

* Must be serious and ready to grow with a promising company

* Must have reliable Internet Connections along with a gmail account

* Must be able to post 2 properties everyday, Sundays through Saturdays

* Must have a desktop computer or Laptop with MS Word, MS Excel & MS Publisher

* Must be able to perform interviews with potential hires & make important executive decisions

* Must be able to contact your Team Members everyday by phone, no text, Sundays through Saturdays

* Must be able to actually speak to clients & work with them to submit their required documents in a timely matter

* Must be able to motivate your team to work meeting their daily goals, help with training and provide new ideas & suggestions to help them grow.



You are paid 3 ways:

1: Paid Invoice - When your direct Client pays for their invoice, you are paid $5

2: Your Direct Clients - You are paid based on the loan amount. View below to get a better understanding

3: Work The File - For each file you actual Work The File on and it closes, you are paid 0.25% of the loan amount.


Your Direct Clients

$69k & Under

Label 1

$70k to $300k

Label 1

$301k & Up

Label 1



As you can see, the more you grow your team, the more it will be Lucrative for you! You can grow your team to how big you decide to grow it as long as you are able to successfully supervise each Team Member and Work The File for each Client in a timely manner in order to reach settlement.



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