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PhoneOps is hiring "Executive Hiring Managers" to search, find, interview and hire potential Loan Officers throughout the states we are licensed in. This would be a full-time opportunity with regular PhoneOps hours every Mondays through Saturdays from 10am to 5pm est. You are allowed to work from home or at our Corporate Office in Cocoa, FL.


As an Executive Hiring Manager, your duties would be to strictly find, interview & hire Loan Officers on a daily basis. You will be assigned a "Company E-mail Account" to conduct all business and you will be required to have PhoneOps phone system. All advertisements, e-mails, voice messages, etc. will include your assigned company e-mail address and the company toll free number with your assigned extension.
Your duties also involve you posting job openings, review resumes, speak to individuals by phone, get to know each person, send them to the website to apply online then interview each person after receiving their online application. You must inform each person you interview if they are hired or not prior to ending the interview.
PhoneOps will provide you with potential hires to get you started, You will call, follow-up and continue to communicate with each person until hired. This is an extremely easy and fun opportunity to be a part of the PhoneOps Family.



Read the following requirements for this position:

Must be able to interview & hire a minimum of 10 Loan Officers per week

* Must have PhoneOps phone system with extension setup through PhoneOps

* Must be able to spend at least 3 hours per day Mondays through Saturdays on all social media sites recruiting

* Must be able to spend at least 5 hours per day Mondays through Saturdays on follow-up calls, scheduling interviews, performing interviews, rescheduling interviews & hiring Individuals

* Must have a Desktop or laptop with continuous internet (no WI-FI), MS Word & MS Excel

* Must have at least 6 months experience in performing interviews

* Must have at least 1yr experience in Social Media, Networking, Advertising, Marketing, Management and/or Recruiting


As an "Executive Hiring Manager", you are paid 0.05 Points on all loans that gets funded through the Loan Officers you interviewed & hired.
This is Residual Income that you will get as long as the Loan Officer stays employed through PhoneOps. Each Loan Officer you hire, they will be assigned to a Supervisor and that person will train and keep that Loan Officer motivated to work.


We are only looking for serious individuals that want to start a very lucrative career. PhoneOps is the only company that offers residual income for Executive Hiring Managers. Only apply if you are serious and dedicated to work a minimum of 3yrs a day on all social media sites recruiting and at least 5hrs a day calling, returning calls, e-mailing and interviewing potential candidates.



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