Experienced Account Executives – Confirmation


Congratulations for taking the 1st step to a very Lucrative Career Opportunity. 


In order to be added to Payroll and to receive your Welcome Email, we need the completed EAE Agreement and W9 Form from you. Once we receive both forms, you’ll be able to start work so expect the Welcome Email that contains your Payroll #.


Follow the instructions below to proceed.



eSign Your Required Documents


Click the DocuSign logo to your right to create a free account. 


After you login, send the EAE Agreement and W9 Form to yourself to eSign.



EAE Agreement


Click the Contract logo to your left to download the EAE Agreement. Complete, sign and email it to:





W9 Form


Click the W9 logo to your right to download the W9 Form. Complete, sign and email it to:






We wish you the best and good luck!!!