DECSR File Submission




Everyday you are scheduled to work, you are required to:
* Post 1 property per day, everyday for the 1st week of employment

* Post 2 properties per day, everyday for the 2nd week of employment

* Post 3 properties per day, everyday from that point forward

This is an EVERYDAY PROCEDURE, Sundays through Saturdays. It is very important to follow our daily instructions as you will be Graded. It will also help you be very successful with PhoneOps and it will build your Clientele dramatically.

You also have the option to post more listings as a BONUS. This will definitely help you if you fall behind a listing here & there but this is optional.


Complete the form below to Submit Your Listing everyday you work. Remember, you are required to complete this form EVERYDAY, Sundays through Saturdays to avoid Compensation Penalties. Good Luck!

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