Commercial Loan Officers


We are looking for Commercial Loan Officers that want to make a Six Figure Income. Here’s a great opportunity to work with an amazing company that cares about your success. We do Transactional Funding, 100% CLTV Funding, Fix & Flips, Commercial, Asset Based, Church Funding and more.


We go down to $25K loan amount and up to $500M+. We accept clients that has as low as a 350 MID FICO SCORE and some programs doesn’t even care about your scores so our doors are always open to take on new clients.





Your main duties would be to:


1: Partner with a minimum of 3 Realtors per day.


2: Advertise Realtor’s listings that been assigned to you to help bring them a buyer.


3: Help all potential clients to complete the 3-Step Process.


4: Work with each client from beginning to closing by picking up the phone and helping him/her throughout the loan process. You’ll have access to the Portal to submit each client’s file directly.


A full Step-by-Step Training Site will be provided



Read the following requirements for this position:

1: Must have a desktop computer or Laptop with a mouse

2: Must be able to complete daily assignments within 24 hours

3: Must have reliable Internet Connections along with a gmail account

4: Must be able to speak to Realtors and clients & work with them to submit their required documents in a timely manner

5: Non Experienced CLOs: Your minimum requirement is 3 Realtor signups per day

6. Experienced CLOs: Your minimum requirement is 5 Realtor signups per day.



The PayScale is based on the amount of loans closed in a month. We want you to be serious in working and meeting your minimum weekly & monthly goals. Pay is now every Saturday.


1st Level: This Level is when you close your 1-2 loans in one month


2nd Level: This Level is when you close 3-5 loans in one month


3rd Level: This Level is when you close 6+ loans in one month (Experienced CLOs level). If you are an experienced CLO, reaching this monthly goal would be extremely easy for you.


In this Scenario, your client submitted their application; loan amount is $3M 1st lien. You work with the client from the beginning and settlement was a success. This is your first closing so you are paid $30,000. If this was your 3rd closing, you are paid $37,500 and if this was your 6th closing, you are paid $45,000.


Remember, your compensation is based on the Loan Amount 1st lien, not the Sale’s Price. You can always do your own calculations to see your compensation as it’s written in black and white so no surprises and this is what we all like.


Major Medical, Dental & Vision would be available to you after your 1st closing. No more waiting 90 days nor waiting for open enrollment.


On the Spot Hiring for this amazing opportunity. 1ST SET OF INSTRUCTIONS:


1. Complete the application below

2. After completion, you’ll be re-directed to the Congratulations Page. Download the CLO Agreement and W9 for completion then email it to us

3. Once we receive your paperwork, we’ll add you to Payroll and send you the Welcome Email

4. You can then start work 

5. No Interview Needed, SERIOUS ONLY!

Commercial Loan Officer Online Application