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If you are an active Residential Loan Officer and you meet the minimum requirements, we welcome you to this exciting career. This is a full-time opportunity with regular PhoneOps hours every Mondays through Saturdays from 10am to 5pm est. You'll have the option to schedule who work those days with your Staff.

Starting, operating & running a PhoneOps Branch is like owning your own business but you have a reputable company to be by your side every step of the way. It’s similar to a Franchise without all the expensive franchising fees. You’ll be the boss, you’ll run your Branch as you see fit but you’ll just have a few duties & requirements to follow; mainly state law stuff, other than that, you are set.


Here are a few programs we have available:

* 1% Down Program (Conventional 620 FICO)

* 1.5% Down Program (FHA 580 FICO)

* $100 Down Program

* Back to Work Program

* 100% Financing Program

* 1st Time Home Buyer Program

* And more...


As you can see, we have the programs. Many other Mortgage Firms partner with us to get their clients to settlement. We have over 350+ Lenders & Funding Sources and still growing!!!


Your duties would be to fully run a PhoneOps Branch at a location of your choice while continuing to follow PhoneOps' guidelines. Other duties would be to hire a stream of Residential Loan Officers to add to your team. You will supervise, train and motivate each team member while continuing to build new clientele. The successful candidate will have a Hands-On Approach and will be committed to the expansion and success of the business by implementing strategies that increase productivity and enable sales targets achievement.


PhoneOps uses 3rd Party Processing Companies to process all our Client’s files; they clear all the conditions and get our files to closing in a timely manner. Our 3rd Party Processing Companies handles most of the work; that way, all our Branch Managers & Residential Loan Officers can focus on building their Clientele and submit more Clients everyday to get more Clients Pre-Approved.


Read the following requirements for this position:

* Must be able to find a branch location that meets state requirements

* Must be able to conduct weekly, bi-weekly & monthly meetings with your team

* Must be able to sign lease & be responsible for said lease plus utilities at location

* Assist in ensuring that the branch is in compliance with all federal laws and regulations

* Must be able to perform interviews with potential hires & make important executive decisions

* Must furnish branch office with desks, computers, office phones, etc to PhoneOps’ standards

* Must be able to assign & submit all files to a Lender & assign each file to a 3rd Party Processor

* You and your team must treat all Clients with the up most respect and maintain professionalism

* Must be able to represent and promote PhoneOps within the Residential and Business community

* All team members from your Branch must be able to participate in quarterly promotions and compete
with other PhoneOps Branches for winning prizes.


Licensing & Fees:

You are required to maintain and renew your license annually starting November 1st of every year. Branch licensing and renewals are paid by PhoneOps Funding, LLC every year.

As a Branch Manager, you are paid two ways:
1. Direct Clients: You are paid 2.50 Points on all loans that closed from your direct Clients in any given month. You do not have any minimum requirement and no penalties.

2. Residential Loan Officers: When you recruit & hire Residential Loan Officers, you are paid off of every loan that they closes as long as they work for PhoneOps. However, each RLO has a minimum requirement to follow and based off of that, it determines how you will get compensated.
View the chart below will to see the Level each RLO falls in to see how you are compensated. Either way, it’s still Residual Income for you and there’s no cap of how many RLO’s you can hire.


RLO's In Level 1

Label 1

RLO's In Level 2

Label 1

RLO's In Level 3

Label 1

RLO's In Level 4

Label 1



If you are currently set up as a Branch Manager, running your own team of Loan Officers and would like to transition to PhoneOps, complete the application below then contact us immediately at: 321-877-4077.


We are only looking for serious individuals that want to start a very lucrative career while helping those that never thought it was possible to be a homeowner. Only apply if you are serious and dedicated to work full-time.



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