Mortgage Protection



For most homeowners, a mortgage is the single largest source of personal debt. Mortgage Protection Insurance is designed to repay your mortgage in full in the event of your death. It eases the financial burden for your loved ones when you're gone.

It is an affordable way of ensuring that your home is paid for no matter the circumstances. Your family will never be in jeopardy of losing their home as long as you put a custom Mortgage Protection Insurance plan in place through PhoneOps. It can also cover a part of your mortgage bills if your income is reduced or you become disabled.


Why is Mortgage Protection Insurance So Important?

Imagine the worst case scenario. A fatal accident today would force your loved ones to immediately experience financial hardship. On top of your final expenses, the mortgage is due, but your family has no way to pay it without your income. They haven't even had enough time to grieve, and now they have to deal with the impending tragedy of foreclosure.

Tragedy can strike your family when you least expect it, straining finances to the breaking point. Without careful planning, bankruptcy and foreclosure might not be far off. PhoneOps Mortgage Protection Insurance plans shield your family from the financial fallout so that life can go on without the threat of financial instability.

The benefits of having Mortgage Protection:


Ability to qualify
without a medical exam

Best backup for
your home loan

Permanent protection
for your house




Up to
$1 million in coverage

Can add Riders
to your policy

10, 15, 20, 25 & 30yr
Terms available




Affordable Insurance for
anyone ages 18 to 80

High acceptance rates than
any other form of insurance

Can also be used as a
Savings/Retirement Plan


Factors on which Mortgage Protection rate depends on:


Your age

Health Condition

Term Selected









* Anyone under age 80

* Holding no other Mortgage Protection Insurance

* Mortgage upon own private residence

* A valid Driver's License or State ID

* A valid Checking Account

* A Social Security number


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