2nd Lien Holders

2nd Lien Holder Opportunity


PhoneOps has a lucrative opportunity for new and current Investors to earn a high-yield 2nd Lien note with a term of 1 to 3 years max. Investing in trust deeds is a highly beneficial addition to any portfolio because it has many advantages and a manageable level of risk.

PhoneOps wants to welcome new and current Investors to become a 2nd Lien Holder for PhoneOps 100% CLTV Program. This is an amazing program and due to the current market, it is a much needed program. Types of properties allowed for this program:


Apartment Buildings


Mix-Used Properties


Multi-Family Package Deals


PhoneOps 100% CLTV Program is designed to offer our Borrowers 100% financing for Apartment Buildings, mix-used properties such as residential units with commercial units as well as Multi-Family package deals. These properties are already Income Producing and filled with paying tenants.

Most Listing Agents list the properties at the max it may appraise for so now with PhoneOps 100% CLTV Program, offers are accepted for less the asking price leaving some equity already in the property.

Since real estate serves as the security for all investments, there will always be collateral in place to guard against loan defaults and with PhoneOps 100% CLTV Program, it’s a Win-Win for you.





It’s not complicated at all. There are only a few simple steps:


Complete the online application below to become a 2nd Lien Holder with PhoneOps

Once a 2nd Lien Loan request is availabe, the request will be emailed to you for review

Once we get the CTC, wire the loan requested amount directly to Title; Settlement takes place

The Title Company records both  1st & 2nd Liens

Collect Interst Only Payments every month from the Borrower

Borrower refinance within the term paying off both 1st & 2nd Liens. Reinvest!


PhoneOps has standard terms for this program:


* 2nd Lien amount: 35% to 40% of the sales price

* Loan amount: $250,000 to $25M

* Goal Term: 12 months

* Max Term: 3 years

* Loan Servicing options

* Interest Rate: 5% I/O for the 1st 12 months. Starting month 13, rate will equal to 1st lien’s rate





The goal is to give each borrower at least 12 months to:


* Notify tenants of new management

* Raise rents

* Start eviction process if needed

* Rent vacant units if any

* Fix credit if needed

* Prepare for a refinance


Giving the borrower the option to refinance within the 1st 12 months is more than enough time to refinance paying off both 1st lien and 2nd lien.

Adding an Interest Rate Increase clause starting month 13th is a great motivation for each borrower to come back to PhoneOps to refinance them out of the loan to avoid paying possibly double monthly payments.



PhoneOps believes in the freedom from stock market ups & downs, to stop working 80 hours per week, and to know that your children’s children can live comfortably free from financial demands.


* Maybe you’re a working professional with a high salary and are tired of 2% returns

* Maybe you’re nearing retirement and think your nest egg should have grown more by now

* Maybe you’re tired of paying commissions to Wall Street salesmen to manage your money poorly

* Maybe you’re ready to take back control of your financial future and get something done

* Maybe you’re a seasoned real estate investor and now want to start lending money instead of borrowing money

Being a 2nd Lien Holder, you don’t ever have to deal with the borrower, tenants, repair costs or maintenance. Just sit back and collect.


Ready to come on board with PhoneOps to become a 2nd Lien Holder?


Complete the application below

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